Friday, July 6, 2018


"Cada representación es una celebración del ser humano (...) lo cual es otra forma de amor y de respeto."
(Juan Mayorga)

"Pedimos a lo imprevisible que frustre lo esperado" (René Char)

you are a mirror
if you continue to starve yoursel of love
you'llonly meet people who'll starve you too
if you soak yourself in love
the universe will hand you those
who'll love you too

- a simple math

to heal
you have to
get to the root
of the wound
and kiss it all the way up

The road to changing the world
is never-ending

-pace yourself

if you have never
stood with the oppressed
there is still time

-lift them

there is
nothing left
to worry about
the sun and her flowers are here

(Rupi Kaur, The Sun and her flowers)

(Dedicado a Antonio Garrigues Walker)

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